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The Dragonborn once ruled a mighty empire stretching across the continent until the Dragonborn King became corrupt with greed and lusted for ultimate power. He enlisted the help of the Lizardfolk to the south to invade the neighboring human tribes to the west. The Lizardfolk betrayed him and attacked while his armies were away. Humans still distrust Dragonborn and Dragonborn have a deep seated hatred for Lizardfolk. The ruins of a great Dragonborn city now lie buried in the sand in the Valley of Fire. Legends tell of a great Gold Dragon who has claimed the ruins as his domain.

The Lizardfolk now prefer isolation in the rainforest and rarely make contact with other species. They will vehemently defend their settlement on the ruins of an ancient Tiefling city however. It is said that a secret alliance with a small sect of Tieflings remaining from the Dragonborn/Tiefling War led to them betraying the Dragonborn.

Humans in the east and west are seperated by great distances. Ships attempt to travel around the continent but are plagued by attacks from Orc pirates. Goblins are still a constant threat to humans on the island nation of Warhaven in the east. Western humans have established a city around Fort Redgar on the Great River and a handful of towns.

Dwarves once lived in Northkeep before hordes of undead commanded by a powerful lich drove them out. Humans in the north denied them safe harbor and turned the dwarven refuges away. For this reason when Castle Nerath was was overwhelmed by gnolls and werewolves the dwarves refused to provide assistance. The dwarves journeyed south and found refuge in the mountians, establishing Fort Thorgrim. When the Dwarves left the northlands gnolls took control of the territory leaving the humans no choice but to retreat south and seek the aid of elves. Dwarves and humans rarely get along because of the bitter history between them.

Elves are wary but friendly with humans. An alliance between the two is maintained by the constant threat of Gnolls to the north. The Elves live in the Sacred Grove and do not allow outsiders into their lands. They have representatives in many human settlements.

Places of Interest

Fort Redgar
Fort Thorgrim
Sacred Grove
Shimmering City
Nerath Castle Ruins
Akhosia Ruins
Bael Turath Ruins
Bleak Forest
Blackroot Marsh
Valley of Fire
Enduring Mountians
Abandoned Mines

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